About Us
GLSUS Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier for various of hardware . Based on our efficient manufacturing facility network and excellent supply management, customers from 45 countries have witnessed and experienced reliable business ties with us in last decade.

GLSUS provides an extensive range of stainless steel products to the customers from industry to industry, covering rigging hardware, marine hardware, mechanical engineering, civil engineering hardware etc.

The management team of GLSUS is highly experienced in the business of manufacturing and supplying a variety of products and other related services, along with our various accomplishments and vast experience over two decades.
Products Range
Stainless steel Rigging System
Rigging Screws, Turnbuckles, Fork Terminals, Cable Fittings, Wire Ropes, Chains, Shackles, wire rope clips. 
Marine Hardware And Shipbuilding Supplies
Marine hardware, Anchors & Accessories, Grab Rail Handles, Boat Hooks, Pipe Fittings , Deck Hardware.
OEM Products
Based on rich experiences, we also supply numerous customized products, manufactured in accordance with samples, drawings. Especially in casting, forging, stamping and machining field with various type of surface finish.
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