How to Mount a Swivel Clamp

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You can mount a swivel clamp to just about any surface. This one is ideal for use with a 1/4" ringsight. It mounts on any 1/4" mounting post, including the L1365 SchumacherArticulating Ringsight Bracket. It's easy to install and is a great option for beginners.

stainless steel

Swivel clamps are used to hold apparatus close to the lab frame. They have a built-in holder for rods up to 19 mm in diameter, and adjustable forward and reverse-facing adjustment screws. The shaft wing-nut allows the holding angle to be adjusted through 360 degrees. It can be locked into position after it has been adjusted to the desired angle. They are available with a fiberglass cover to withstand high-temperature environments.

swivel clamp

Swivel clamps are versatile clamps used to secure pipe or truss systems. They have a locking pin and large wing-nuts for securing the pipe or truss. These clamps are made from 6061 T6 aluminum for strength and durability. They are safe to use and feature adjustable swivel and fixed options.

Swivel clamps have one clamp on each end and allow 360-degree rotation of the other. Swivel clamps can be used on laboratory ring stands, standard lab frames, and anywhere else clamping is required. However, swivel clamps are not suitable for use by children under the age of 12 years.

The UltraJaws Swivel Clamps are precision-made multi-purpose clamps. These clamps come in a variety of sizes and are made of the highest quality materials. Their unique shape and closed yoke construction minimize corrosion and contamination. They are designed for secure gripping, and are available in single and dual prong styles.

swivel hook

Swivel hook clamps are a very useful tool for many industrial applications. They are particularly useful when lifting or pulling sheet metal or steel constructions. They are usually supplied with an alloy safety shackle that allows them to be pulled in up to 1800 degrees. This makes them the perfect tool for a range of industrial purposes.

nut and bolt

Swivel clamps are used to attach two parts to each other. They are designed to provide even pressure and double sealing on hoses. Swivel clamps are made from two 12 gauge wires, which are tightened together with a 5/16" hex head screw. Swivel clamps have an integrated swivel nut, which prevents the wires from losing alignment and supplies perfect alignment of the screw.

Swivel Clamps have two different types of bolts: one 1" and one 3/4". Most inner pieces of the frame clamp will have 1" bolts, while larger inner pieces may have longer bolts. If the original bolts have been lost or broken, DAESSY can supply replacement bolts.

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