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Choosing Swivel Hook Suppliers

Before purchasing a swivel hook, you should understand what type is right for you. You can choose from standard swivel hooks, Foundry hooks, J-Hooks, and Barrel hooks. Each has its own unique characteristics. Choosing the correct type of swivel hook is vital for the safety and security of your trailer or boat.

Foundry hook

Generally designed without a latch, foundry hooks are ideal for tip loading and other high-heat applications. While there is no standard working load limit, you should ensure that the load stays securely in the hook, and you can use self-locking latch kits to add additional security to your load-lifting systems. To ensure maximum safety, read manufacturer's guidelines. Find out more about the different types of hooks and their specific uses.

Some types of foundry hooks are used in general hoisting applications, including wire rope, synthetic web, and winch lines. You can find many different types of hooks on the market, from the Crosby L-320AN sling hook to Pewag Grade 80 ELD Alloy Swivel Hook, which features an ergonomically designed grip. You can even filter your search by chain diameter and brand.


Whether you are using a ratchet or a strapping system, a J-Hook hook is an essential part of your vehicle's suspension system. It can be used to hook onto a D-hook, a spring hook, or even the bumper of your car. A J hook is universal and can withstand a lot of impact, as well as extreme temperatures and weather conditions.

Sorting hook

If you are looking for a new rigging tool, sorting hooks are a great choice. These kinds of hooks are generally angled, so they are recommended for loading at a lower angle. Higher loading angles can cause the load to tip and fail to engage the hook throat. Additionally, sorting hooks are designed for in-line loading only. They cannot be used for sideloading applications. Before purchasing sorting hooks, check their specifications.

One type of sorting hook is designed without a latch. This would limit its practical application when lifting a cylindrical load, such as a plate. These hooks can be used for industrial and marine applications and come with various types of handles. These hooks are typically used in hazardous environments, such as foundries. You should always choose a hook that is made for the job in hand. If you are in the market for one, there are many options to choose from.

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